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Commercial Outdoor Lighting

Business owners know that being seen is important to communicating a strong brand and image. Houston Luxury lighting provides commercial outdoor lighting services that help enhance a business’ night time appearance as well as provide added security. Our designers work with the business owner and managers to develop a smart solution that will illuminate the exterior of the buildings with energy-efficient LED lighting.

We work with property developers, business owners, restaurants, bars, night clubs, office centers, apartment managers, and other businesses to build a strong image for their business. Our services do not stop at the front door.

Flexibility is the Highlight of our Business

Many office buildings have interior atriums and common areas with lush vegetation and landscaping. Houston Luxury Lighting installs the same energy-efficient commercial outdoor lighting for these applications as well. In addition to saving energy on electricity, eco-friendly LED integrated lighting fixture and LED bulbs operate with less heat. This reduces risk of fire, damaged plants and also reduces the warming affects on interior space that may cause excessive AC operation.

Custom Commercial Outdoor Light Partner

We’ve been in the business of landscape and structural lighting design for over 20 years. We understand the challenges that business owners have with meeting their customer’s needs, city code restrictions, and improving profitability of their business. Houston Luxury Lighting works with and for you to reduce the administrative nightmares of installing a new commercial outdoor lighting system. We will comply with your local city ordinances to ensure that all installations are approved by city planning councils so that you can focus on your business.

The Service Guarantee

Every project that we install includes a 12-month service plan, 20-year manufacturer warranty on integrated LED lighting fixtures, 10-year manufacturer warranty on non-integrated lights fixtures and a 2-5 year warranty on the LED bulb. We provide competitive pricing and deliver industry leading warranties, service, and value on every project.