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10 Facts about LED Lights

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10 Facts About LED Lights

LED Conversion offers a low cost solution for your home, office, indoor, and out door installation. LED Bulbs are energy efficient!

  1. Converting to LED lighting in your home could save up to 80% on energy cost over standard incandescent lights
  2. Professional grade LED bulbs can have an average life cycle of 25,000 hours or more
  3. A high grade LED bulb could run 24 hours a day for approximately 3 years. That is 25 times greater than traditional incandescent lights.
  4. LED bulbs emit light with far less heat generation than incandescent bulbs and much cooler halogen bulbs that can generate heat greater than 300 degrees Fahrenheit.
  5. LED bulb’s unique shape provides greater breaking resistance.
  6. Energy efficiency isn’t the only Green benefit of LED bulbs, they do not contain mercury.
  7. Federal funding for development of improved LED lighting has brought affordable LED conversions to the consumer.
  8. U.S. Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz announced five manufacturing research and development projects to support energy efficient lighting products.
  9. By 2020, it’s estimated that LEDs will account 20 percent of all lighting sales.
  10. Since 2008, the cost of LED bulbs has fallen more than 85 percent, and most recently, a number of retailers announced that they will be selling LEDs at $10 or less.10