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LED Conversions Prevent Halogen Fire Hazards

Houston Luxury Lighting

LED Conversions Prevent Halogen Fire Hazards

Shedding the Light on Hidden Hazards

Halogen bulbs produce temperatures upwards of 300 degrees that create halogen fire hazards. Houston-Luxury-Lighting frequently provides LED conversion in Houston for customers after they have experienced problems for poorly installed halogen bulbs. We provide LED conversions for both interior and exterior fixtures.

Halogen Fire Hazards

The image above shows a close call for a customer that called Houston-Luxury-Lighting after finding their landscape charged from an over heated halogen bulb. The bulb began to set the surrounding mulch on fire. Fortunately, the home owner noticed the hazard and called Houston-Luxury-Lighting install a low heat and energy efficient LED light conversion. A wise investment to avoid the expensive fire damage and loss.