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Hanging Christmas Lights Houston

Some of us just love hanging Christmas Lights. For those that don’t, there is Houston Luxury Lighting ready to get to work. We install, take down, and offer free storage for your Christmas Lights!

Let one of our professional outdoor lighting specialists come out and give you a free no obligation Christmas Lighting Quote.  In some cases, we can even take a look at Google Maps or a photo that you provide to give you a quote.

The initial quote includes the install, take down, storage, and cost of the lighting. This charge is higher than it will be in subsequent years because of purchasing the lights.  The charge for the following years will not include the purchasing of the lights so it will be lower.

We Hang Christmas Lights all over the Houston area.  We install both Residential and Commercial Holiday Lights.

This holiday season allow Houston Luxury Lighting to install your Christmas Lights for you. Our Holiday Light Professional installers will take care of all of your Christmas lighting needs.

Call Houston Luxury Lighting to book your appointment for hanging your Christmas Lights.  (713) 481-1518