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Landscape Lighting FAQ

Here are some of the common questions that we receive.

If you have any questions about architectural landscape lighting services, give us a call and we will be happy to help.

mapofhoustonareaIf your city isn’t listed in our Service Area, give us call and let us help you design an outdoor lighting solution.

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It depends whether you are installing a halogen system or an LED lighting system. A proper halogen lighting system typically needs service around three times a year, they take a lot of power to run those lights all night, and the bulbs/lights get really hot killing surrounding vegetation. Halogen bulbs only typically last around one year at most. At best meaning you will be replacing bulbs every year and half at around $15 a bulb plus labor/service costs and will consistently be changing out bulbs, dealing with ant piles, and so on. If you are installing an LED system, the LED bulbs use next to no energy, the bulbs don’t get hot and they last around 40,000 hours (non-integrated LED bulb and most of them come with 2-5 year factory warranties). With this being said, an LED-based system might need maintenance one time a year at most and in the long run is much cheaper. Sure the bulbs cost more to replace at around $50 vs $15 but you will not have to change them out every year.

Or the option of an integrated LED bulb that carries a 20-year warranty. Our company sells yearly maintenance programs for lighting where you pay a fee according to how many lights you have to guarantee maintenance any time you need it during said time frame. We do get calls from clients who have had systems installed from other companies and have grown frustrated with those competitors and call us to service them. We will gladly come look at your preexisting system and get you serviced if you are tired of pulling out your hair dealing with your current lighting company. Whether you are trying to do it yourself or need our full service we can help! Call today, Call (713)481-1518!

We are concerned about and appreciate the privacy of all of our customers. We do not share customer information without express consent. This site provides several testimonials on the experiences of our customers, however, if you would like more we do have customers that have given permission to use them as references.

Please contact one of our helpful associates today at Call (713)481-1518 to schedule an estimate for your project. If necessary, they will arrange for you to see one of our systems in action.

Houston Luxury Lighting estimates are based on the number of lights installed. We provide a full estimate and map out the design before any work begins. This makes it easy for the designer and you to determine and control costs. That way there are no surprises. Cost depends on the type of fixtures that are chosen and the number of fixtures to be installed.

Every project that we install includes a 12-month service plan, 20-year manufacturer warranty on integrated LED lighting fixtures, 10-year manufacturer warranty on non-integrated light fixtures and a 2-5 year warranty on the LED bulb. We provide competitive pricing and deliver industry leading warranties, service, and value on every project.

Our designers can design a system to work within your budget. Call today to for a free estimate Call (713)481-1518!

Landscape lighting, also known as lightscaping, provides a beauty that extends living area beyond the confines of your walls. Dramatic lighting sets the mood while also providing an extra layer of security to your home. Well lit homes make it difficult for intruders. Landscape lighting doubles as security lighting.

Our designers specially design a landscape lighting system to highlight your architecture, palm trees, crape myrtles, and lawn during the evening. Houston Luxury Lighting provides a $2,500-$3,500 investment that delivers beauty, security, safety and improves the property value.

Improve the property value of your home and add security and beauty with just one call, Call (713)481-1518.

We provide security, curb appeal, and elegance with our eco-friendly lighting systems. Our lighting systems use a fraction of what traditional lights use. Traditional Halogen bulbs use approximately $1.00 per bulb per month. LED efficient bulbs use approximately $1.00 per year.

Please call or E-mail today and get a free estimate. LED technology in early 2011 was expensive, bulky, and provided inadequate lighting. The most common questions we receive today are about quality and color of the light emitted by LEDs. LED technology has hit the landscape lighting industry and technology has skyrocketed. Side by side an untrained eye would not be able to detect the difference between an LED bulb and a halogen bulb. LED efficiency and operating life expectancy far out shines that of the halogen bulb (pun intended).

One key difference still remains that very few consider. LED heat emission is far less destructive to household vegetation than that of the typical halogen bulbs. This means your plants, pet, home, and children are safe from potential burns and fires.

Call for free estimate, Call (713)481-1518.

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