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Quality Landscape Lighting

Proper outdoor landscape lighting is necessary for appeal, security, and value. At Houston Luxury Lighting we customize all of our lighting designs to accentuate the beauty of your property and deliver the highest return on your investment. Whether you are looking for residential landscape lighting service or commercial outdoor landscape lighting for your business, Houston Luxury Lighting will deliver a solution that will showcase your home, building, walkways, and plazas.

Environmentally Friendly LED Landscape Lighting

Houston Luxury Lighting is doing our part to protect our planet by installing energy-efficient LED bulbs in all of our installations. Our integrated lighting fixtures are equipped with durable LED lights and protected by a 20-year manufacturer warranty. Every project that we install includes a 12-month service plan, 20-year manufacturer warranty on integrated LED lighting fixtures, 10-year manufacturer warranty on non-integrated lighting fixtures, and a 2-5 year warranty on the LED bulb.

An added benefit to LED landscape lighting is the low cost of operation which allows you to install more fixtures for a brighter landscape. Energy cost for a traditional light bulb is approximately $1.00 per month. A modern LED landscape lighting fixture energy cost is approximately $1.00 per year. This saving adds up when you receive your energy bill each month.

Heat is also a concern with traditional halogen bulbs. Clients have requested LED bulbs to avoid damaging expensive vegetation. We’ve also replaced existing systems that were improperly installed that posed fire hazards to a residence and personal harm to occupants. Low heat emission LED bulbs burn cool protecting your plants, pets, and people.

Integrated vs. LED Bulbs

All of Houston Luxury Lighting’s installations are done with LED technology. The difference is whether we install integrated landscape lighting fixtures or stand alone LED bulbs. Your project will determine which solutions will suit your needs the best.

Integrated fixtures are all-in-one components that plug directly into an electrical system. The bulbs and housing are one integrated component. This reduces maintenance issues, lengthens the life of the installation, and eliminates the necessity to change bulbs. Each integrated fixture comes with a 20-year manufacturer warranty. This is just one of the advantages of an integrated fixture over stand alone bulbs.

The energy efficient LED bulbs that we install are built with the same standards and durability of our integrated fixtures. However, LED bulbs can be used to upgrade existing light installations, this also means the  lights inside your home. We also install non-integrated lighting fixtures with LED bulbs. Non-integrated fixtures are protected by a 10 year manufacturer warranty and each bulb is covered by a 2-5 year manufacturer warranty.

Going the Extra Mile

We work with you to design and build a custom landscape lighting system to match your vision. We also follow the guidelines and regulations applied by your Home Owner’s Association and municipal lighting/signage codes to assure that what we install is properly permitted and that you are in compliance with local regulations.