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Save Money With LED Landscape Lighting Bulbs

Houston Luxury Lighting

Save Money With LED Landscape Lighting Bulbs

Save Money With Landscape Lighting LED BulbsSummer is here and so are high electric bills. There are many ways to help you save money with landscape lighting LED bulbs.  Changing out your old incandescent bulbs and replacing them with LED bulbs is one way to help lower your bill.

Incandescent bulbs not only have a higher wattage than LED bulbs but they do not last as long as a LED bulb. LED lighting offers a low cost solution for all of your landscape lighting needs.  Our LED bulbs come with a 10 year warranty on fixtures and a five year warranty on the light bulbs.  Other warranties are available depending on the package that you choose.

LED lights are an efficient way accentuate your curb appeal and give your home or business extra security.

Start saving on your outdoor landscape lighting bill today.  Call Houston Luxury Lighting for a free, no obligation estimate at 713-481-1518!