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Affordable Outdoor Lighting

Houston Luxury Lighting offers affordable outdoor lighting for your home and business.  We will work within your budget to achieve your vision of your space.

Many do-it-yourselfers often find that installing outdoor lighting can be more challenging, expensive, and down right confusing. Should they use iridescent lights, halogen bulbs, fluorescent or LED? How many bulbs should I run on a single circuit? How much will installing exterior lights cost? Where can I find an affordable outdoor light installer in Houston?

Houston Luxury Lighting has been installing outdoor lighting in Houston, Texas and surrounding areas for the past 20 years. Our certified electricians and designers treat every job with the same quality, time and respect. We start with listing to our client’s vision and designing a custom outdoor lighting plan that fits the vision and budgets.

What Goes Into An Outdoor Lighting Design

Form and function come together to blend in with your landscape to provide safe lighting conditions to help light walkways and paths. Illuminated stairs, pathways, and decks provide a comfortable area for you and your guest to enjoy the Texas night skies in a safely lit area. Designers starts with our customer’s needs, design, and install a system that provides both beautiful scenery as well as added home security, and curb appeal.

What Type of Lights We Install

All Houston Luxury Lighting outdoor light installations include professional grade light emitting diode (LED) that are more efficient than traditional halogen and incandescent bulbs. On new installations we use integrated LED fixtures that are covered by a “20 year manufacturer warranty” and operate to a higher standard than over the counter LED bulbs that you can purchase at the local hardware store.

We also retro-fit existing outdoor lighting in Houston with energy efficient LED bulbs that replace standard bulbs. Our LED bulbs are manufactured to the same standard as our integrated LED fixtures and come with a 2-5 year manufacture warranty.

Making Houston Neighborhoods Safer

Outdoor lighting not only improves the beauty of your home by adding stunning lighting effects, it also provides a well-lit defense to deter burglars from approaching a property that they fear they can be seen. Increased lighting provides a safe travel space for you and your guest.

Houston Luxury Lighting’s Integrated LED and LED Replacement bulbs also operate at a much lower temperature than conventional lighting fixtures. This prevents fire hazards and potentially harmful conditions for delicate plants and structures.

Home Improvement Ideas for Outdoor Lighting Include

  • Landscape Lighting Installation
  • Illuminated Pathways
  • Illuminated Stairways
  • Illuminated Water Features
  • Replacing Inefficient bulbs with efficient LED Replacement Bulbs
  • LED Conversion

Bring the Savings Inside

Houston Luxury Lighting can also provide LED Solution for  your home interior architectural lighting needs. Call today for a quote Call 713-481-1518. We service all of Houston, Tx and surrounding areas. See our Service areas list for more information.