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Spring and Summer Lighting Tips

Houston Luxury Lighting

Here in Texas, spring, and summer sort of blend together but if there is one thing, we can all be sure of, it is consistently warm weather and lots of time outside! It’s time to go over some Spring and Summer Lighting Tips and get ready for those summer outdoor activities.

You’re outdoor lighting system is no different from the other systems you maintain about your home. Your car? Your HVAC/plumbing? Just like those other systems need regular oil changes and filter replacements, your outdoor lighting needs maintenance as well. Regular inspection and maintenance is crucial to ensure your lighting system will function efficiently for many years to come. Let’s take a look at how you can make that happen.

Winters in Texas have rarely been something to be concerned about but recent years have shown us that anything is possible and we need to be better at winterizing our homes, our lives, and all the things that keep us going. Snow, ice, and freezing temperatures are things we have to worry about now. One thing you can do is, once the cold weather fades, check out your lighting for any possible damage that the winter months might have dealt. Damaged fixtures, outages, and burned out bulbs, exposed wiring, anything and everything is worth noting so that you can contact Houston Luxury Lighting so we can come out and make all the proper repairs safely and efficiently.

landscape lighting by Houston Luxury Lighting

We are definitely used to rainy weather around here and a variety of other weather conditions. You want to keep an eye on the lighting quality of your fixtures. The weather conditions are capable of covering bulbs and lenses in dirt and other debris. If your lighting is looking dim, you may need to get them cleaned so the light can properly shine through and so you aren’t wasting any money. Your fixtures can also move, tilt, and shift as the soil moves or as vegetation takes root and grows. The fixtures were installed with specific lighting needs in mind so ensuring they’re all clean and properly aligned is important keeping the lighting quality in top shape.

If you’re using lighting landscape services, then you are likely using other landscape services as well. If you’ve had any landscaping work done recently, you may need to ensure your lighting system wasn’t negatively impacted in any way. Spring is a common time for landscaping and sometimes laying new mulch, tossing soil, and increased accumulation of plant matter can dirty your fixtures, blocking the light. This can even bury fixtures partially or entirely. Any cutting of any sort can damage or cut wiring, especially if that wiring is concealed by landscaping in the first place. If you’re getting any landscaping done or have gotten it done already, keep your eye on your lighting and inform those services so that they can be careful not to damage it.

The weather is right and it’s time to enjoy your beautiful lighting. We see warm nights with family, friends, and memories made possible by our premier landscape lighting services. At Houston Luxury Lighting, we have the expertise to bring your outdoor vision to life, so call us for all of your maintenance needs! Give us a call or contact us.