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Tips and Techniques Landscape Lighting

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Tips and Techniques for Landscape Lighting

There are many landscape lighting tips and techniques to make your home look its best at night.  Use our expertise to maximize for ambiance.

To stage a dynamic nighttime effect, thoughtful placement of key trees in the area using several landscape lighting techniques. Most trees in the landscape are illuminated using the techniques of moonlighting up-lighting, and silhouetting . The type of fixture, the type and intensity of the bulb, the beam spread, and the color temperature of the light (cool to warm) also affect the quality and character of the landscape lighting. Below are examples of the three types of lighting techniques that will showcase the beauty of your trees – both big and small

Landscape Lighting Techniques

A combination of landscape lighting techniques are used at this front entry; up lights mounted in the planting bed illuminate the large shade tree; path lights installed along the edge of the pavement illuminate the ground plane; fixtures mounted in the eaves cast a wash of light downward on the brick face of the house.

Tips and Techniques for landscape lightingTips and Techniques for landscape lighting

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Tips and Techniques Landscape Lighting